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O'Neal Restaurants loves to give back and we are proud to be a partner of our community. Please note that due to a very high amount of donation requests, we have established guidelines for how requests will be handled. We wish we could give to everyone who asks for our involvement, but it simply is not an option for us. Donations are in the form of food or gift certificates to our restaurant. We regret that we are unable to sponsor groups or individuals or to make monetary donations.
Please take time to read the guidelines below before responding.

An event in which we will participate must meet the following criteria:

  • The donation is for an event-based program

  • Your event has a specific date

  • Events/Organizations must be supporting local causes

  • The request must be submitted 4 weeks prior to the event date

  • We have not supported your event in the past 12 months 


If all of these criteria match, selection will then be based on the following:

  • Organization making first time request will be given priority

  • The first branch or chapter of an organization to request will be given priority. (For example, if we receive requests from multiple organizations and school sports teams, we will take them on a first come first serve basis. We may not be able to donate to each club or team. We ask that you make this information available to the different branches of your organization.

  • The amount of food or donations we have committed to within a month’s time will determine availability for your organization.

*Please bear in mind that we always get more requests for donations than we can support. Even if you meet our requirements, we unfortunately cannot guarantee fulfillment on all requests. If we are unable to help you out this time, please think of us for future events.

If your donation request fits the criteria above, please fill out the form.
Important Information Regarding Donation Requests:

  • Due to the overwhelming number of requests each year, all submissions will be reviewed; however, every request cannot be approved.

  • If your request is approved, we will contact you per your contact information with instructions for receiving your donation.

  • If your request is denied, a letter will be sent.

  • Expect processing time of between 3-4 weeks upon receiving your request.

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